At Comfort Smiles we believe that showing our teeth through smiling tells people we're friendly and makes them comfortable being around us. We care about your smile. When you smile, it means you feel good about yourself and your appearance. We are here to help you gain your perfect smile while achieving optimal oral health.

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An appointment is an agreement between you and our office. If you must re-schedule an appointment,
please extend us the courtesy of 48 hours notice since changes in appointments affect other patients
as well as our staff. If you cancel within less than 48 hours of the appointment,
a cancellation fee will be charged to your account.

Power Prox 6 Month Braces

Patients who have severe dental crowding or spaces in between their teeth can get a beautiful smile in as little as six months. Smiley face

IV Concious Sedation

With IV Sedation you can correct years of neglect and have your mouth completely rehabilitated in a couple of appointments. Smiley face

Extreme Orthodontics

Dr. Lottier believes in getting you the smiles you deserve, in the most conservative way possible. Orthodontics allow us to move teeth into the correct position -- giving you a beautiful smile.Smiley face

Dental Implants

A dental implant will save the bone around the missing tooth and prevent the surrounding teeth from having to be cut and prepared for a bridge, and prevent the bulkiness of a removable partial denture.Smiley face

Laser Dentistry

The Kavo Diagondent Laser is used to painlessly examine teeth
to find cavities that can go undetected.
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Are you concerned about your teeth? Have you been contemplating a procedure, but afraid of bad news? We have good news for you, and it won't hurt, because we are Comfort Smiles Atlanta's #1 Stop in Quality Dental Services.